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"High Hopes (with John Kennedy)"

Everyone is voting for Jack
Cause he's got what all the rest lack
Everyone wants to back -- Jack
Jack is on the right track.
'Cause he's got high hopes
He's got high hopes
Nineteen Sixty's the year for his…
3 motion picture frames from 1964 Presidential Campaign spot "Peace, Little Girl", aka the "Daisy Spot".

This photograph depicts First Lady Betty Ford and an unidentified woman (center) with children seated in the foreground. A sign in Chinese and English reads "Chinese-American Welcome First Lady Betty Ford;" Chinese-style architecture is visible in…

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This photograph depicts Gerald R. Ford, in a suit and tie, standing with his foot on the wheel of a tractor while he talks with three farmers. A garage and fields are visible in the background. This photograph was taken during Ford's first campaign…

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This photograph depicts a large billboard reading "To Work For You in Congress: Gerald R. Ford, Jr., Republican Primary, Sept. 14, United States Representative," with a white fence in foreground. There is an image of Ford on this billboard that was…
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