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This photograph depicts a large billboard reading "To Work For You in Congress: Gerald R. Ford, Jr., Republican Primary, Sept. 14, United States Representative," with a white fence in foreground. There is an image of Ford on this billboard that was…

This photograph depicts First Lady Betty Ford and an unidentified woman (center) with children seated in the foreground. A sign in Chinese and English reads "Chinese-American Welcome First Lady Betty Ford;" Chinese-style architecture is visible in…

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President Woodrow Wilson was officially re-elected when Congress met in joint session to count the electoral votes. The cartoon shows Wilson's Valentine's Day card that he received in the form of the official announcement of his re-election in 1917.

This cartoon concerns the 1948 presidential election. President Harry S. Truman, the Democratic Presidential nominee in the election of 1948, was widely expected to lose by a large margin to Republican nominee Thomas E. Dewey. This cartoon, printed…

This cartoon depicts Ohio Senator Robert A. Taft, son of former President William Howard Taft, examining an electoral map of the United States, planning his "summer schedule" with hopes of becoming the next President. Summer is a critical time for…
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