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"High Hopes (with John Kennedy)"

Everyone is voting for Jack
Cause he's got what all the rest lack
Everyone wants to back -- Jack
Jack is on the right track.
'Cause he's got high hopes
He's got high hopes
Nineteen Sixty's the year for his…

For four months the delegates debated fundamental questions relating to government, power, and human nature. Each and every clause of the Constitution was painstakingly argued and resolved. The voting record reflects the countless diplomacies,…
3 motion picture frames from 1964 Presidential Campaign spot "Peace, Little Girl", aka the "Daisy Spot".

woodrow wilson.jpg
President Woodrow Wilson was officially re-elected when Congress met in joint session to count the electoral votes. The cartoon shows Wilson's Valentine's Day card that he received in the form of the official announcement of his re-election in 1917.

Here a line is seen waiting to enter the building where they will cast their votes for Councilman from their precinct. A general election for five members of the Tanforan Assembly center Advisory Council is being held on this day. This is the first…

This cartoon depicts the two big winners on Election Day, 1917, in New York. Voters adopted a woman suffrage amendment to the state constitution, a measure backed by Tammany Hall, New York City's Democratic political machine. On the same day,…
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